Too Drunk To Fuck TDTF 002, Luxembourg, 1994
1.When The Music's Over/ 2.Break On Through/ 3.Medley: Back Door Man/Maggie M'Gill/Roadhouse Blues/Back Door Man/ 4.The Crystal Ship/ 5.Wake Up/ 6.Light My Fire/ 7.Moonlight Drive/ 8.Back Door Man/ 9.Rock Me, Baby/ 10.Carol/ 11.Soul Kitchen/ 12.Break On Through
Sources: 1-6= Toronto Popfestival, Varsity Stadium, Toronto, Canada, September 13th,1969; 7+8= Matrix Club, San Francisco, March 7th, 1967, second set (cover says Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, April 14th, 1967, which is not true); 9+10= Winterland, San Francisco, February 6th, 1970; 11+12= Family Dog, Denver, September 29th, 1967.

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Another essential CD for your Live-collection. Although the Toronto concert has been published before (on CD & LP The Beautiful Die Young, Living Legend Records LLRCD 037), also on the rare bootleg album Copulations), this one here is in much better soundquality, and the Somberness Of The Doors (title of the accompanying booklet written by some Paolo Ramos) comes through your speakers more clearly than ever. An exciting Doors performance. One song is missed (The End), but the booklet told us about a forthcoming release featuring the rest of the concert. That happened in October 1995 with the release of All Hail The American Night (Tuff Bites T.B. 95.1025). The missing song is on that CD. What follows after the songs from Toronto is purely fascinating: The Doors at the Matrix (2 songs in excellent quality, but unfortunately mislabeled as being taped at the Avalon), the Winterland and the Family Dog (if the sources are correct). 2 tracks from each concert, rather good soundquality and - best of all - all of them have never been on CD before. The Family Dog tracks have never been published on vinyl or CD before. This Moonlight Drive Matrix version is bloody interesting, Ray and Jim singing a duet; my favourite version of all time. And Back Door Man really shows what this song is all about: The way Jim performs the song is hot, very hot. Interesting enough, this track again proves that Jim was the worst harp player of all time (I remember talking to Robby about Jim's horrible harp, when Robby looked up to me smiling and whispered, "Don't say this when Jim is around!"). Anyway, this CD has got a nice colourful fold-out cover, fine artwork, an interesting article written by a guy who saw the band in Toronto, and, even more interesting, some really rare stuff on it. Recommended!

Oil Well RSC 002 CD, Italy 1993
1.Light My Fire/ 2.Touch Me/ 3.When The Music's Over/ 4.The End/ 5.Moonlight Drive/ 6.Light My Fire
Sources: 1=Ed Sullivan Show, New York, September 17th, 1967, from official video Dance On Fire; 2=Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, Los Angeles, December 4th, 1968, from official video Dance On Fire; 3+4=Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, July 5th, 1968, from official video Live At The Hollywood Bowl; 5+6=Jonathan Winters TV Show, CBS Studios, Los Angeles, December 27th, 1967. Track 5 from official video Dance On Fire, track 6 from a TV special.

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A different cover, a different label: A copy of Celebration (The Swingin' Pig Records TSP-CD-022). So: nothing new. Color photo of Jim's face on the cover, but too bright. Celebration had a picture of Jim's grave, please check. Don't pay too much for this: this is sold by the bootleggers as a mid-price CD! The second release has a different cover using the cover shot of Frank Lisciandro's book A Feast Of Friends.

Snakeskin Records ARD 01, Germany/Luxembourg 1996
1.Hello I Love You/ 2.People Are Strange/ 3.Love Her Madly/ 4.Love Me Two Times/ 5.Riders On The Storm/ 6.Touch Me/ 7.Soul Kitchen 8.Tightrope Ride/ 9.In The Eye Of The Sun/ 10.I'm Horny, I'm Stoned/ 11.Love Me Two Times/ 12.Verdillac/ 13.Ships With Sails (false start)/ 14.Ships With Sails
Sources: 1-7=Different studio mixes from a first class tape. (1=No drums, no second voice; 2=No drums, no guitar solo; 3=No reverb, no drums, no tambourine, no guitars; 4=No drums; 5.No second voice, no echo, no drums; 6.different bass sound. The mixes were done for the The Best Of The Doors vinyl Quadrodisc.) 8-14=Beat Club, Beat Workshop, TV Studio at Radio Bremen, Bremen, West Germany, May 3rd, 1972, without Jim Morrison.

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Snakeskin Records is a new firm producing Live CDs. Their trademark is their high quality of both recording and cover. Their latest CD is this new Doors disc. On it you find different rough studio mixes in perfect stereo, which had been done for the rare Doors Quadro vinyl album The Best Of The Doors. I find it very interesting to listen to these, sometimes you have the feeling of listening to totally new recordings. But they are absolutely the same as on the albums but in different mixes. Anyway, have you ever heard Riders On The Storm without the whispering and without drums? And People Are Strange without drums and guitar solo? Both open whole new categories of listening experiences. All songs with Morrison are in excellent stereo. You won't believe your ears! The second recording is one of the rare 1972 studio performances. The Doors are having a lot of fun in the studio, which makes a great listening. They play their standard material of their 1972 tour through Western Europe. This concert is presented in good mono; studio noises between the songs have unfortunately been cut. See the cover - a beautiful rare Morrison photo. In general - a CD featuring totally new and unpublished material with a superb cover sheet (yes, yes, the beautiful rare photo of Jim, all girls will love this!). Recommended!

Flashback Worldproductions 04.95.0257, Luxembourg 1995
1.Tell All The People/ 2.Alabama Song-Back Door Man/ 3.Wishful Sinful/ 4.Build Me A Woman/ 5.The Soft Parade/ 6.The End/ 7.Moonlight Drive/ 8.Back Door Man/ 9.Light My Fire/ 10.Moonlight Drive
Sources: 1-5=Critique Show, PBS TV, WNET, New York, May 13th, 1969 (cover says May 23rd, but this was the day of the broadcast); 6=Now Explosion, CBC TV Show, O'Keefe Centre, Toronto, Canada, August 8th, 1967; 7+8=Matrix Club, San Francisco, March 7th, 1967, cover says Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, April 15th, 1967, which is not true and makes sure these two tracks were copies from the CD Toronto Popfestival 1969 Plus Other Rarities (Too Drunk To Fuck TDTF 002); 9+10=Jonathan Winters TV Show, CBS Studios, Los Angeles, December 27th, 1967, cover says US T.V."Smothers Brothers" 1967, which is not true.

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This 1995 CD has got a beautiful booklet, indeed! Nice colour photos (mostly taken by Frank Lisciandro) show that bootleggers are really able to care about a nice outfit for their discs. The CD contains an excellent recording of the Critique show, the Toronto track is almost perfect, too. Despite the poor mistake about the Matrix tracks (no TV performance, of course!) this is a fine quality product for those of you who haven't got the tracks on other CDs available from the underground.

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