Tuff Bites T.B. 95.1040, Luxembourg 1996
Disc One: 1.Roadhouse Blues/ 2.Alabama Song-Back Door Man-Five To One/ 3.When The Music's Over/ 4.Love Me Two Times/ 5.Little Red Rooster/ 6.Money/ 7.Rock Me Baby/ 8.Who Do You Love
Disc Two: 1.The Soft Parade Intro (cover says Petition The Lord With Prayer - Poem)/ 2.Light My Fire-Fever-Summertime-St.James Infirmary-Fe- ver-Light My Fire/ 3.The End/ 4.Soul Kitchen-Runnin Blue-Soul Kitchen/ 5.Break On Through/ 6.The Crystal Ship/ 7.Wake Up/ 8.Light My Fire
Sources: Disc One= Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada, June 6th, 1970. Disc Two: tracks 1-3= Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada, June 6th, 1970; tracks 4-8= Chicago Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA, November 9, 1968

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A new Tuff Bites CD (their CDs are known for their significant caricature covers and their usual digipack design). This double CD comes in a digi-fold-out-pack and features the complete Doors 1970 Vancouver show (with guest guitarist bluesman Albert King on a few songs) plus 4 songs from a 1968 performance in Chicago which has never been published before on disc. Therefore this double album is truly recommended - although some of you collectors might already have either Canadian Night (Buccaneer Records BUC 011) or Vancouver 70 (Skeleton Records SKCD 1066) or both. But the Tuff Bites album features the complete concert (just one cut is audible between Love Me Two Times and Little Red Rooster) which means Alabama Song and Love Me Two Times are on there as well as a few little dialogues and instrument tunings between songs which were missed on all previous releases of this concert (check reviews of Canadian Night and Vancouver 70 in The Doors Quarterly #26. In general - Jim Morrison is in a phantastic mood, his voice is stronger than ever. The Doors were really getting back to the blues with the help of Albert King's unmisakable guitar riffs. The highlights are Little Red Rooster, Rock Me Baby, The End and of course the best version of Light My Fire that has ever been published. The soundquality is excellent stereo.
The mono audience recording-quality of the bonus Chicago tracks is worse, but better than nothing. More important are the driving versions of Soul Kitchen (this time combined with a few lines from Runnin' Blue: "Poor Otis' dead and gone ..." and a child's prayer: "Now I lay me down to sleep ...") and Break On Through. Also featured, one of the rare times Jim introduced the members of the band plus a few funny comments from some girls standing next to the recording microphone.
This double CD certainly should be on each hard core collector's shelf. A true document of one of the best Doors concerts in 1970 (just compare it to one of the worst concerts of the band, taped just one day earlier in Seattle, June 5th, 1970, presented on the otherwise excellent Jim's Alive - The Ultimate Seattle Concert (Tuff Bites T.B.94.1009). Recommended.

Raven Records RVCD-33, Australia, 1993
1. Jim Morrison Interview, Isle Of Wight, August 30th,1970 (The Doors played their gig the night before)/ 2. Ray Manzarek Interview 1979/ 3. Robby Krieger Interview 1979/ 4. John Densmore Interview 1979/ 5. 1968 Press Conference Extracts/ 6. Random Utterances
Sources: 1-4=interviews by journalist & writer John Tobler, 5-6=from the video The Doors Are Open and other sources.

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A very interesting interview CD, officially released in Australia. Actually, this is no bootleg, but published without The Doors' approval! It contains Tobler's own interview with Jim Morrison, taped a day after The Doors' Isle Of Wight concert.A copy of this tape was given to me by John Tobler a couple of years ago, and I still enjoy how Jim interrupted John's questions to hurry to the side of the stage in order to watch Jimi Hendrix perform (unfortunately this part of the tape is not on this CD). When Hendrix passed by Morrison said, "Look, an actual movie! Looks like a priest!" (Jimi was filmed while walking to the stage, to be seen in his official Isle of Wight video). The other interviews cover the story of the group and their topic is - surprise,surprise- Jim Morrison. This is an essential CD for each serious fan; it is great to hear Jim TALK. We didn't get much of that in the past ...

Document Records DR 019, Germany/Luxembourg 1988
1.Bird of Prey/ 2.Rock is Dead/ 3.An American Poet/ 4.Orange County Suite 5.The Soft Parade Intro-Light My Fire
Sources: 1,3+4=Jim Morrisons first poetry session, Los Angeles, Elektra Sound Studios, March 1969 (cut version); 2=recording session for the album The Soft Parade, Los Angeles, Elektra Sound Studios, early 1969 (cut version); 5=Felt Forum, New York, January 18th, 1970, late show (cover says this was recorded on January 17th, 1970, which is not true.) The list of poems is incomplete.

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When this CD came out in 1988, it was a massive seller. It wasn't copied from the well known Tangie Town Records LP Rock Is Dead but from a high quality tape. At that time nobody knew it contained cut versions of the poetry and Rock Is Dead. Today we know better - just check Missing Links (Memorec 403) and Jim Morrison - The Lost Paris Tapes (Jomo 3.5471.1). But for the Felt Forum tracks this CD is still a fine product. Light My Fire is in excellent quality, and the intro 'When I was back there ...' was used for the official Absolutely Live album, which later got published on CD as In Concert. The CD was made in Germany, mastered in Austria and got the copyrights cleared in Italy... a nice European product. Strange noise reduction system, though.

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