HAWK HAWK 042, Italy 1994
1.Light My Fire/ 2.Light My Fire/ 3.Roadhouse Blues/ 4.Roadhou- se Blues/ 5.Roadhouse Blues/ 6.Light My Fire/ 7.Light My Fire/ 8.Roadhouse Blues/ 9.Break On Through/ 10.Light My Fire/ 11.Roadhouse Blues/ 12.Break On Through (including Dead Cats Dead Rats)/ 13.Light My Fire
Sources: Tracks 1-10= Rehearsal session for their Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame concert, Power Plant Studios, Los Angeles, January 11th, 1993; Tracks 11-13= Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Performance, Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, January 12th, 1993.

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What a surprise for Doors- and Eddie Vedder- fans! Their rehearsal session plus the concert for their Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame Induction on one (Italian) CD. Good stereo quality, guys, although both are audience recordings (Seems there was a small audience at the rehearsal, you can hear somebody touching the mike, also clapping and cheers). The perfect CD for people who want to know how a band works with a new singer for the first (and only) time. False starts and ends here and there, and Robby and Ray are doing vocals on track 1-4. Robby still is a fascinating guitar player (just listen to his solos in Roadhouse Blues), and thanks to this unknown guy who taped the session some great Krieger-solos survived. Ray's keyboard actually sounds very much better than later at the concert! The concert itself is presented in very good quality, too, although the three songs were better performed during the rehearsal. Recommended, although Eddie should have learned the lyrics more precisely. I still cannot believe that there are people out there who want Vedder to join a Doors reunion as their singer!

Kiderian Rekords TDCD 4862, Germany 1994
1.Excerpt from Five To One plus rap (cover says Intro)/ 2.Moonlight Drive/ 3.Hello I Love You/ 4.Summer's Almost Gone/ 5.My Eyes Have Seen You/ 6.End Of The Night/ 7.Insane (cover says Go Insane)/ 8.Roadhouse Blues/ 9.Rap/Back Door Man/Five To One/ 10.Do It (cover says Let It Bleed)/ 11.Peace Frog/ 12.The Chant Movement/ 13.Who Scared You/ 14.The Soft Parade
Sources: Tracks 1 and 9= Dinner Key Auditorium, Miami, March 1st, 1969; Tracks 2-7= Demo Acetate, World Pacific Studios, L.A., September 2nd,1965 (copied from a VERY scratched copy of the vinyl bootleg Resurrection); Track 8= Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum, Vancouver, June 6th, 1970 (copied from a VERY bad tape copy of a Westwood One Radio Show); Tracks 10 and 13= original Elektra LP versions; Track 11=Felt Forum, New York, January 17th,1970; Track 12= from the album Requiem For The Americas (cover says New Orleans, 12/12/1970!); Track 14= from official video The Soft Parade, recorded at the Critique Show; PBS TV, WNET, New York, May 13th, 1969.
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This is one of the worst compilations ever! As I've told you guys before - keep your hands off a CD featuring tracks labeled as New Orleans 1970 or entitled Let It Bleed or any of the other rubbish. And the sound of some tracks is horribly bad! We all know where the bootlegger copied the songs from, and we know it is our damn duty to ignore those kinds of CDs. The cover booklet has 4 photos of Morrison taken by Herve Muller, the back shows a Morrison portrait taken by Frank Lisciandro. I guess these photographers wouldn't mind their precious photos on a record cover, but on such a bad bootleg CD like this? The Killer Awoke is nothing else but a waste of plastic!

KING ARTHURS COURT (2 CD in longbox)
Black Cat Records BC-04, Australia, 1992
Disc One: 1.Roadhouse Blues/ 2.Peace Frog/ 3.Alabama Song-Back Door Man/ 4.Build Me A Woman/ 5.When The Music's Over/ 6.Soul Kitchen
Disc Two: 1.The Soft Parade Intro-Light My Fire (cover just says Light My Fire)/ 2.The Celebration Of The Lizard
Sources: Disc One - 1-3 and 6=Felt Forum, New York, January 18th, 1970, late show; 4=Felt Forum, New York, January 17th, 1970, late show; 5=Felt Forum, New York, January 18th, 1970, early show.
Disc Two - Felt Forum, New York, January 18th, 1970, late show. The cover says Live at Westbury, Connecticut 1969, which is not true!
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The quality of both CDs is bad compared to other releases, but I enjoy the nice hardcover fold-out longbox, which shows two beautiful Morrison photos. I'm sure people will buy it because the cover which says the tracks were from Westbury, but this is not true. The bootleggers want to make people think this was an unpublished recording, but the tracks are available on many other releases. So this tremendously looking box is just another intentionally mislabeled rip off.

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