Busy Bastards Music BBM 08-15, Luxembourg 1994
1.Moonlight Drive/ 2.Money/ 3.Break On Through/ 4.Back Door Man/ 5.People Are Strange/ 6.The Crystal Ship/ 7.Wake Up/ 8.Light My Fire/ 9.The End
Sources: Danbury Highschool, Danbury, October 17th, 1967

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A fine document of a golden Doors period: Jim is in a very good mood, and the other three Doors are doing great jobs at their instruments. I love the long organ intro and the additional verses from The Celebration Of The Lizard plus an excerpt from Who Scared You in The End; a very special 17-minute version. Although the sound is distorted and pretty bad, and although there are a few cuts (especially in Moonlight Drive), this CD is something you should try to get. Hi-fi-freaks shouldn't buy it, and for the beginner of collecting live Doors CDs this is a bad intro to the world of bootlegs. I guess this disc was made for the advanced collector, who is happy to add another complete concert to his collection. My audio tape of this show is worse than this release, I guess the bootlegger used a lower generation tape for this CD. So - an exciting document in (probably) the best available quality. Recommended!

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