Living Legend Records LLRCD 037, Italy 1989
1.When The Music's Over/ 2.Break On Through/ 3.Back Door Man-Maggie M'Gill-Roadhouse Blues-Back Door Man (cover does not mention Maggie M'Gill)/ 4.The Crystal Ship/ 5.Wake Up (cover says The Celebration Of The Lizard)/ 6.Light My Fire/ 7.The End (recording runs too slow)
Sources: Toronto Popfestival, Varsity Stadium, Toronto, Canada, September 13th, 1969 (complete performance; cover says it was recorded in 1968, which is not true).

Rarity Of Material:        
Visual Attractiveness:        

The Beautiful Die Young has a satisfying soundquality and some very interesting versions of Doors songs. People especially will love the beautiful medley within Back Door Man, featuring early renditions of Maggie M'Gill and Roadhouse Blues. The End is truly fascinating on this CD. And above all - it is a complete concert without any cuts. Do not miss The Beautiful Die Young!

Elektra 60345-2, Russia 1996

No, no, stop! This not an official release but a Russian mafia bootleg (if not counterfeit) using the very official Elektra logo on the label. A very nasty release which show how "official" bootlegs can look like. It features 17 (!) songs from the original Elektra release on one single CD. The booklet just says The Doors - The Best, and it is a reprint of the first Doors album cover (note that is is a little out of focus). Widely spread, it demands that Elektra should open an Eastern branch and put out The Doors albums legally in order to avoid bootlegs like this one.

Black Angel Records BA 597604, Germany 1994
1.Get Off My Life/ 2.Rock Me Baby/ 3.Crawling King Snake/ 4.I'm a King Bee/ 5.Hitler/The Journey/Holy Sha Poem/ 6.You Need Meat/ 7.Who Scared You/ 8.Back Door Man/ 9.Five To One/ 10.Little Red Rooster/ 11.Who Do You Love/ 12.Whiskey, Mystics An Men/ 13.Roadhouse Blues/ 14.Love Me Two Times/ 15.Rock Is Dead (excerpt)/ 16.Love Me Tender
Sources: The most awful bootleg CDs The Future Is Murder, Archangel and Replica Blues (which were all produced by one German bootlegger who started to put misleading titles and sources on his CDs just to sell his rubbish), except track 12 (from Missing Links, Memorec 403) and track 14 (from Live In Miami 1969, RTW 004)

Soundquality:  to         
Rarity Of Material:        
Visual Attractiveness:        

A CD absolutely not worth your money, because this is an attempt to rip off Doors fans again. Remember: AVOID ALL CDs ON WHICH "LIVE IN NEW ORLEANS" IS WRITTEN. IT IS THE SAME SHIT ALL OVER AGAIN. Nice color cover, though. The track list on the backcover (next to a photo taken by Frank Lisciandro) is - of course - not correct.

Live & Alive Records LA.CD 110, Italy 1993
1.Light My Fire/ 2.Dead Cats, Dead Rats-Break On Through #2 (cover just says Break On Through)/ 3.Build Me A Woman/ 4.Roadhouse Blues/ 5.When The Music's Over/ 6.Love Me Two Times/ 7.The End
Sources: 1,2,3+7=official album In Concert; 4=Felt Forum, New York, January 17th, 1970, late show; 5=official video Live At The Hollywood Bowl; 6=Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden, September 20th, 1968, early show.
Soundquality:  to 
Rarity Of Material:
Visual Attractiveness

This almost the same pity compilation as Light My Fire (Alegra Sarabandas srl CD 9003) with the exception of The End, which had been dropped in in favor of The Unknown Soldier and the well known Absolutely Live medley. Just one advice: Drop this CD, too.

Great Dane Records GDR CD 8908, Italy 1989
1.Roadhouse Blues/ 2.Break On Through/ 3.Ship Of Fools/ 4.Crawling King Snake/ 5.Build Me A Woman/ 6.Peace Frog/ 7.The End/ 8.Celebration Of The Lizard
Sources: Felt Forum, New York, January 17th and 18th,1970. Tracks 1-5 and 7= January 17th, late show; tracks 6 and 8= January 18th, late show.

Rarity Of Material:        
Visual Attractiveness:        

On this one there is another mess of two Felt Forum shows (see comment for New York Blues, Document Records DR 033). The CD is a copy the US Double bootleg LP Roadhouse Blues (Shogun Records) with a different cover, which is not in good soundquality. The psychedelic cover and the drawing in the booklet are well done, but the soundquality could have been much better if they had only taken the bootleg LP Bring Out Your Dead (Tangie Town Records) as the source for this CD, that one is brilliant.

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