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    Here's for you The Doors Quarterly Magazine No 35, complete, without any changes,
as it got published and sent out to all fanclub members on June 30, 1997.
It didn't just feature some news and points for discussion, but also very interesting
articles, for example Hervé Luxardo's "Jim Morrison and Dionysos," some newspaper
clips about the Miami trial, part 4 of The Miami testimonies (in this issue: Ray Manzarek)
and not to forget the interesting story of the "Stoned but Articulate" tapes.

22 CD reviews (including the -still- phantastic "Stages" 4-CD-box) and a couple of rare
photos (Jim singing while Ray Manzarek is playing the drums in Frankfurt, a beautiful
photo of Jac Holzman holding my "Doors" book in his arms, and a superb picture of
Danny Sugerman's copy of "The Lords - Notes on Vision) made quite a good
magazine, right? It came along with a free poster, btw.

Please note that your digital copy of The Doors Quarterly Magazine hasn't been altered in
any way. You get it as it was published on June 30, 1997. Be aware that all addresses
(private, email and web) are no longer valid. Books, CDs or posters and other stuff
might not be available anymore. Please do not respond to any of the small ads or
blame anyone for incorrect details - all writers just did the best they could back in 1997.

Enjoy and let us know what you think...
CU and enjoy!

PS ... if you would like to obtain an original paper copy of this
Doors Quarterly #35 please send a private
Facebook message to Rainer Moddemann - thank you!