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The Doors Quarterly Magazine # 32, issued on June 15, 1995 – what can I say?
What a fine issue it was!

It was almost 20 years ago today, when the readers of DQ Magazine found out about
Paul Rothchild’s sudden death, right after he had finished work on digitally remastering
the An American Prayer CD. I paid my tribute to him by reprinting his (basic) interview
he did for L.A.’s BAM magazine.

And there’s the transcript of Jim’s Jomo & The Smoothies session (as reviewed in my usual
Notes From The Underground, The Lost Paris Tapes, check page 20/21 of DQ 32).
It took a lot of work to review that many underground releases and of course all
those official publications, tell ya!

Another transcript should be read while listening to a recording of The Doors'
infamous Miami concert (March 1, 1969) – the article called Apocalypse Now, Then (p. 34-45),
which is a chapter in my Doors book by Heel Publishers, here translated into English
for the first time ever.

Most fascinating of all are two of Jim Morrison’s testimonies transcribed by a court reporter,
dated September 16 and September 17, 1970. They make a damn interesting reading,
check yourself!

For our German readers Gabriele Pagel examined two books containing different translations
of Morrison’s poetry into German language (p.69-73). It is a very strange trip through
a whole lotta awful mistakes made by the people who translated Jim’s poems,
and I still would like to hear comments about Gabriele’s article from our German readers.
Somehow I wonder why those books are still around and why readers still take those
translations for granted.

A photo of The Doors’ Dutch release of The Soft Parade is on the title page, and one of
the German special release of Waiting For The Sun is on page75 --- both vinyl discs are
rare collector’s items with increasing value.

And – check page 29 – Ray Manzarek confirmed to me that the song Take It As It Comes
was written by Robby Krieger, and he let me print the according document, which he
announced being authentic.

Have fun (re-)reading The Doors Quarterly #32.

Rainer Modemann

P.S.: The magazine did not come along with a free poster, but with two
Doors bumper stickers for a change.

Please note that your digital copy of The Doors Quarterly Magazine 32 hasn't been
altered in any way. You get it as it was published on June 15, 1995. Be aware that
all addresses (private, phone, email and web) are no longer valid. Books, CDs or
posters and other stuff might not be available anymore. Please do not respond to
any of the small ads or blame anyone for incorrect details - all writers just did the best
they could back in 1995. Enjoy and let us know what you think ...
we will continue soon by publishing a digital version of DQ 31.

CU and enjoy!
Thanks to Kevin Chiotis for all of his work!

PS ... if you would like to obtain an original paper copy of this issue including a free poster
please send a private FB message to Rainer Moddemann - thank you!
But hurry, just very few original copies are left ….