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The Doors Quarterly #20 was published late May 1989, right before the hot Summer of that year, and it was our very
first color issue ... well, the first two and the last two pages were in color. And I got very positive responses about
that (yes, I kept a huge collection of all fan letters to the DQ for many years, but most of them got damaged by
water in 2009 and had to be thrown away, sadly. A big loss of memories, I tell ya!

Among the news you'll find a note on a video (!) of the Doors rehearsing songs for 'L.A. Woman' including Jim
shouting, "Bill bring some more beer" during 'The Changeling'. What has come of that? Nothing. Just a rumor?
I don't think so. I learnt that from a female fan who was very close to the three remaining Doors and Danny
Sugerman, so there might be some truth in it.

The DQ was the prime source for learning about forthcoming new publications such as videos and albums. And in
this particular issue you will find some info about The Doors watching a screening of Donn Alan Pennebaker's film
of their appearance at the Isle Of Wight Festival 1970. In December 2016 I heard that one of the new DVD releases
of The Doors will be their complete Isle Of Wight concert - great news, eh? What about their performance at 1969's
Toronto Popfestival, which got also filmed by Pennebaker - or not, as many people say?

After the usual 'Notes from the Underground', find my report about Robby Krieger's tour with all those other great
guitarists. How nice it was to see him again and to accompany him on this tour, doing the press duties for him!
I had never imagined to meet some of my idols in person on this tour - Pete Haycock of the Climax Blues Band,
Phil Manzanera of Roxy Music, Leslie West of Mountain, Jan Akkerman of Focus, and the unfriendly Randy
California of Spirit. Great memories for me, please check pages 8-14 to find the story.

On it goes with a rare article originally published in 'Cheetah', May 1968, which is a very interesting report on
The Doors' New Haven concert and Jim's arrest.

Frank Lisciandro wrote an article exclusively for this DQ, called 'A Few Words About Wilderness' in which he
corrects some of my previous statements and answers questions published in DQ #19. Also featured is part 4 of
a phone interview John Densmore did with journalist Billy Pinnell in August 1985. This interview became really
famous after it got printed in 4 different DQs and it is now mentioned in many a book about the Doors - you will
soon come to know why. Another interesting interview is to be found on pages 34-37, part 2 of one I did with
Robby in June 1988.

For producing this DQ there was no computer around - everything got typed on my ancient electric typewriter and
the bigger letters for headings used to be rub-off letters on small plastic sheets or plastic lettering tapes.
There was no free poster added but it came along with a fine new free golden bumper sticker.

Enjoy your digital version and let us know what you think ... we will continue soon by publishing a digital version
of DQ #19.

CU and have fun!
Thanks to Kevin Chiotis for all of his work!
A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

And don't forget:
Please note that your digital copy of The Doors Quarterly Magazine 20 hasn't been altered in any way. You get
it as it was published in May of 1989 (!). Be aware that all addresses (private, phone) are certainly no longer
valid. Books, vinyl records, CDs or posters and other stuff might not be available anymore. Please do not
respond to any of the small ads or blame anyone for incorrect details - all writers just did their best they
could back in 1989. And all this happened without any computer, any emails and of course without the internet.

PS: ... if you would like to obtain an original paper copy of this Doors Quarterly Magazine 20, I must tell you that
there are no copies at all left!
Thank you!
Rainer Moddemann.