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    The Doors Quarterly Magazine #18 was published in the nice summer of 1988, right before my trip to the island of Corfu (Greece)
and right after my visit to L.A. where I had met everybody I wanted to meet (well, except for Ray Manzarek, who was busy and
feared to answer "a lot of tricky Doors questions", as I was told by Sugerman). I had a great time in L.A., staying at Danny's house
for a couple of days, after which I had the pleasure of residing in Jim's room at the Alta Cienega Motel for 10 days (still grateful
that The Doors paid for my stay there).

Of course the idea of writing an L.A. guide for Doors fans was born there. Danny liked the idea and took me to a few sites including
an Italian restaurant where we met John Densmore for an interview. My friend Jeannie Cromie showed me around, and Linda Kyriazi
(Robby's manager) was very helpful as well and she arranged a meeting with Robby. Just read my intro on pages 2 and 3 of this DQ.
You'll also see a photo of me holding the original reel for 'Hello I Love You' from German TV which I got for The Doors right before
mailing it to Sugerman's office.

The news speaks for itself: The Doors Quarterly (at that time there was no internet, no email, no WhatsApp, no Facebook or whatever)
was always first in reporting the fans - I'm still pretty proud of that! You can't imagine how hard it used to be collecting all the news
(although my letterbox got stuffed every day and my phone bill got higher and higher; no flat-rate tariff of any kind at the time).

Check Scott Hyder's article 'Passages of a Poet and a Puer'. I still enjoy Scott's symbolic study, written exclusively for DQ.

There are three reviews of bootleg albums, which are incredibly rare nowadays. Most interesting, "If It Ain't One Thing It's Another",
offering a pretty good recording of the first Dallas show; December 11, 1970. A couple of bootleg CDs follow, the finest one
probably being "The Stockholm Tapes", published by Document Records.

Needless to say, I wrote an article about spending an afternoon with Robby Krieger, and I still cherish the interview video tape of
that day. Does anyone own a recording of the comedy show called "The Black Beatles" that Robby played for me in his living room?

An article in German is next: "Shaman's Blues". I wish somebody would translate this truly interesting thing about shamanism and
druids featured in Jim Morrison's poetry.

Next, an open letter from Danny Sugerman to the readers of The Doors Quarterly Magazine, presenting us with an unpublished
excerpt from his book, "Wonderland Avenue", edited out of the final printed version. Exclusively published in The Doors Quarterly
Magazine by kind permission of the author.

Part two of the famous John Densmore phone interview by Australia's Billy Pinnell covers the early days of The Doors, followed
by a German report on 'The Phantom' - I still enjoy "Calm Before The Storm" and "Half A Life" a lot, they both are great songs!
Last but not least: a rare Jim Morrison poem entitled "Sounds For Your Soul", originally printed in the 1968 Doors tour book.

For producing this DQ there was no computer around - everything got typed on my ancient electric typewriter and the bigger
letters for headings used to be rub-off letters on small plastic sheets or plastic lettering tapes.
A free poster came with the magazine, but I forgot which one of the about 20 different posters available I used for DQ 18.

Enjoy your digital version and let us know what you think ... we will continue soon by digitising DQ 17.

CU and have fun!
Thanks to Kevin Chiotis for all of his work!
A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

And don't forget:
Please note that your digital copy of The Doors Quarterly Magazine 18 hasn't been altered in any way. You get it as it was
published in the summer of 1988 (!). Be aware that all addresses (private, phone) are certainly no longer valid. Books, records,
CDs and other stuff might not be available any longer. Please do not respond to any of the small ads or blame anyone for
incorrect details - all writers just did the best they could do back in early 1988.
And all this happened without any computer, any emails and of course without the internet.

PS: ... if you would like to obtain an original paper copy of this issue I must tell you that there are no copies left at all!
Thank you!
Rainer Moddemann.