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    The Doors Quarterly Magazine #11 was published on July 25, 1986. The publishing "devoted itself entirely to The Doors", Danny Sugerman wrote
to fans consulting him for new information on the band. That's why we got quite a few new subscribers in the USA.
The cover of this issue was sent in by Osamu Nozawa from Japan, a devoted Doors collector then and now still.

Still the talk of town was the Doors film - this June Randy Johnson got chosen as director and a new working title was said to be 'Riders on the
Storm'. Fortunately John Travolta wasn't going to star as Jim Morrison, although the script had already been finished. I wonder how good or bad
that script was, and how much Oliver Stone used from it later; or how much got deleted.

Fine news from Robby. In an interview he said, "We were at Sunset Sounds recording our first LP, when the door opened and The Beatles came in,
they were just doing their final American concerts, and they were hanging 'round the studio." That could have been a nice jam session ... Well,
whenever musicians meet and there are instruments around they do a jam session, right?
One can only imagine ... The Beatles and The Doors ... God only knows what is still in The Doors archives.

I still like the collection of interview snippets, which some fan had collected and sent to us. Unfortunately the sources were not added, but pages
12 to 15 still make a good read ... I called it, 'Love it or leave it' ... read what happened on July 3rd 1986 ... for the first time fans got thrown off the
cemetery by the police. Check the video of that day, which I shot and uploaded to YouTube many years later. Its title is 'Jim Morrison's grave in
Paris, Père Lachaise, July 3, 1986' and the link is featured at the bottom of this introduction.

A collection of articles on 'Other Voices' follows, and Patricia Devaux (deceased) appreciated the video 'Dance on Fire' in her tribute in French
called 'Dance on Fire: Une Appreciation'. I contributed a review of 'The Definitely Complete Doors Songbook', at the time in 1986 this book was
everybody's must-have. DQ 11 closes with a poem by Hlrich Heumann (deceased), a true collector and personal friend for many years.

CU and have fun!
Thanks to Kevin Chiotis for all of his work!

And don't forget:
Please note that your digital copy of The Doors Quarterly Magazine 11 hasn't been altered in any way. You get it as it was published in the
summer of 1986 (!). Be aware that all addresses (private, phone) are certainly no longer valid. Books, vinyl records and other stuff might not
be available anymore. Please do not respond to any of the small ads or blame anyone for incorrect details - all writers just did the best they
could do back in early 1986. And all this happened without any computers, no emails and of course without the internet.

PS: ... if you would like to obtain an original paper copy of this Doors Quarterly Magazine 11 I must tell you that there are no copies left at all!
Thank you!

Rainer Moddemann

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