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The Doors Quarterly Magazine was founded in 1983 by long time Doors fan Rainer Moddemann. In fact it was Ray Manzarek who brought up the idea of starting a fanclub,
realising that Rainer was among the world's top collectors and connoisseurs of all things Doors.

Starting with a small but dedicated group of followers, the magazine soon found growth in both recognition and quality. Always a unique source of first hand news and
information, its exclusiveness never failed to amaze Doors fans in those long gone days before the internet was a fact. The DQ became a world wide renowned publication,
much loved for its insightful mixture of interviews, articles, reviews, photos, news and so on. If it only even remotedly concerned the Doors, the Quarterly would be on top of
it and Doors people would know. The DQ was a most reliable critique, telling collectors exactly what was hot and what was not.

Despite the unstoppable growth of and increasing interest in the club and magazine throughout the Nineties, by the end of the decade costs for publishing and shipping had risen
seriously. Besides that, there now was this unstoppable force called the world wide web, news was being spread at lightning speed and everything became available at the blink
of an eye. Before the turn of the Millennium, DQ #37 wrapped things up in June of 1999 - sad but true.

Sometime in 2012 I messaged Rainer on Facebook and told him about my ideas of resurrecting the DQ, online. The magazines could be digitised, made available for all to download
and (re)discover the world's longest running and finest Doors fanzine ever; and still we could do so much more... Much to my delight Rainer agreed and this is exactly what you are
looking at now: welcome to "The Doors Quarterly Magazine Online," a tribute to a legend.

Kevin Chiotis, co-administrator - September 2014.