This City
We Go On
Alabama Song
Days To Be Loved
St. Vitus Dance Revised
I'm In Trouble
Come Along
Ghosts Of Feeling
Love Me Two Times
Into Desire
Dead Or Alive
Soul Kitchen
The early live Kitchen experience!

A great show by the classic first ever band line up...
the venue, as legendary as things can get...
finally getting what it deserves...
proper treatment and our undevided attention!

These live takes bring a welcome variation to well known and
much loved album tracks.
Of special interest are 3(!) covers of songs by
The Doors
Alabama Song, Love Me Two Times & Soul Kitchen)
Dead Or Alive by John Cale.

Taken from analog MC tapes, the soundquality was reserved
amazingly well. A first transfer was made onto MiniDisc,
a second to CDRW.

(artwork by KC)

Check the audio page for a sample track!

Please note that this CD is not for sale!
It is a home made product, handed out to friends and relatives only.

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