Time, as recorded in concert in the city of Namur is a
very bluesy take on this ultimate
Kitchen of Insanity
classic. The show date is as yet uncertain but looking
at the setlist, it seems to be the
Orpheus Feeling era.

Lost In My Dreams, same venue and source... a rare live
registration of this classic rocker.

All the same for Pictures On My Sleeve and this beautiful
'new' one:
Dare To Forget; new because this actually is
the first time ever for this song to appear!

Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere... whatever...
This is vintage
Kitchen music in great shape...
Enjoy these first entries and keep in touch for more
greatness coming from the
Kitchen of Insanity vaults!

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Lost In My Dreams
Pictures On My Sleeve
Dare To Forget

For a second entry, I discovered a sublime live take
I'm In Trouble. Again, the date of recording is unknown
and so is the venue. Question is: does it matter?... No.
What's important is how wonderfully well this track is
preserved - enjoy!

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I'm In Trouble

Digging through the vaults, blowing off the dust I found this:
an obscure instrumental entitled
Iron Wire, aka Windy...
it's from the era where the group reformed for the last time
to make what would become
Beg Your Pardon.
In a way, very un-
Kitchenbut nevertheless an interesting listen...

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Iron Wire aka Windy

Please note that these recordings are not for sale!
It was never a commercial product, owned only by the band,
friends and relatives.

For more info send email to kitchen-of-insanity@telenet.be