Dance With Me Satan
Beg Your Pardon
Elvira Madigan
I Remember Nothing
Everybody Has A Witch Of His Own
L'Amour Fou
Sodom Face
Apocalypse Me
Stop Thinking
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In 2000, Paul De Borger, Frank De Cort and Phil IJzerdraad rejoined
briefly as a band to record some of the songs written after the
group's official demise in 1996.
The sessions at
Phil's home studio eventually boosted a collection
of songs displaying a wide variety of musical styles: from
acoustic singer/songwriter to full blown electrical psychedelia.

Though never intended to form a unit, the songs work very well
together... Optimists like myself may call it a concept album...

The launch of this website in 2006 took these recordings beyond the
band's innermost circle of friends for the first time, starting its
life as a
Kitchen album anyway. There was no artwork done ever by
this time but I was determined to do something about that
injustice someday...

When first introduced to these songs in March of 2006 at Frank's
home, instant disbelief and amazement were yielded upon me...
Later, while restyling the site in October 2007 I played
Beg Your Pardon in its entirety over & over again...
falling in love with the album along the way...
The idea of an old fashioned type of newspaper featuring this
bizzare pseudo scientific article came through the feelings and
themes portrayed by the music.

Beg Your Pardon is the perfect obituary...
Kitchen of Insanity now rest in peace forever.

(artwork & front cover story by KC)
(quote and lyrics to Elvira Madigan by Paul De Borger;
click here for the story of Elvira Madigan at Wikipedia)

Check the audio page for some tracks!

Please note that this CD is not for sale!
It was never a commercial product, owned only by the band,
friends and relatives.

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