Never Growing Inside
The Lord In Me
Almost Looking
This City
I Hate Mice Elf aka It's Getting Better
I Don't Wanna Be The Same
Let's Go To Bed
St. Vitus Dance Revised
Ghosts Of Feeling / Time
Sitting In The Shades Of Summer
By the Spring of 1996, Kitchen of Insanity was in its third
incarnation when things started to fall apart.
Not sure about which road to travel along, the band
disintigrated soon after this gig - only one more would
follow, fittingly in the group's hometown, Antwerp.

Nevertheless, what we have here is a very fine document of
a great
Kitchen live set. A career spanning choice of songs,
many new cuts and some new ways in approaching the classics.

The sound quality is very good, with the mix focussing on
Paul De Borger's sublime vocal performance - what a treat!

Check the audio page for some tracks!

Please note that this CD is not for sale!
It was never a commercial product, owned only by the band,
friends and relatives.

For more info send email to